Acoustic Panels

Comfort without unnecessary interference into interior infrastructure

Interior Soundproofing

Perfect acoustic environment for companies and public interiors

Acoustic Booths

Privateness and confidentiality of your conversations

Acoustic Services

Professional acoustic designs – selection and localisation of sound-absorbing products in a given space, acoustic studies, surveys and evaluations.

Acoustic Project Execution

Basing on client’s interview and acoustic survey we prepare custom-made acoustic project

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    Office Audit

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    Acoustic Survey

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    Acoustic Project

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    Professional Offer

  • 5
    Order / Agreement

  • 6
    Order Execution



Office Furniture

Reception desks, storage furniture, workstations


Hotel Furniture

Public spaces furniture and room furniture for all hotel standards

Saquella bar 18.03.2014

Shop Furniture

Complete furniture solutions for shops in Poland and abroad

Comprehensive range of services

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About Our Company

Nowadays, when change is the only sure thing, the flexible approach to the needs and expectations of the Client determines the modern company. There is the time for new generation producer. Producer 2.0. Contrato is such a company.

Combining the profound knowledge about the needs and expectations of business and individual Clients with in-depth familiarity of designing, modern components and production of furniture, we create a unique mix of awareness and possibilities we offer to our Partners and Customers. Many years of business and branch experience make us not only the trustworthy and professional suppliers, but also advisors in the field of up-to-date trends of creating the modern spaces for working and living.

We are Contrato. We are for you.

Our Company

Contrato company emerged out of passion, knowledge and experience of its founders in creation of beautiful, unique interiors standing out due to their functionality and aesthetics.

We produce the furniture of modern components selected according to the preferred style and needs of the Client. We offer professional support while choosing the materials and colours, as well as project advisory, project management, delivery and installation.

We offer the furniture for:

  • Offices and public spaces,
  • Retail sector
  • HORECA sector

Our Customers are:

  • Private companies
  • State-owned companies and institutions
  • Individual Clients

We play in the same team

Starting at the beginning of 2018 Contrato Company became a member of Marcin Gortat School’s Business Club, which supports building up the trustworthy business relations.

We are very proud having opportunity to support sport talents, help young sportsmen and sportswomen with their successes, while growing up our own business. We are part of #GortatTeam.