Acoustic Booths

We deliver acoustic comfort wherever you need


We choose only the top quality materials for our projects and make use of many-years experience of our staff. It means you can be sure our acoustic booths are reliable and failproof.


We do care about your satisfaction. We know the acoustic comfort influences the work effectiveness. Our acoustic booths provide the proper working conditions to your employees and Clients, assuring the right level of confidentiality of the conversations carried inside them.


Do not resign of your plans and expectations! Let’s talk about them and be sure we can work out together the best possible acoustic solutions for your company.

Indispensible in every office

In every office space you need a place to conduct a phone call or videoconference in comfortable conditions

Acoustic booth is the simplest and the most efficient way to secure such needs, without neccessity of expensive refurbishment and limiting the freedom of your employees.

Budka akustyczna to najprostszy, a zarazem najskuteczniejszy sposób na ich zapewnienie, bez konieczności przeprowadzania remontu i ograniczania swobody pracowników.

We successfully combine competency of acoustic technicians and designers, creating the friendly acoustic solutions.

We are acquainted with sounds, decibels and herz. Reverberation, sound absorbtion and clarity of voice. Obligatory and recommended norms.

The main purpose of acoustic booths is to create the comfortable environment for phone conversations, without negative influence at other co-workers.

Thanks to the top quality sound-absorbing materials we create the effect of optimum sound dispersion inside the booth and avoide the noise outside it. Both the acoustic booth user and people around it gain the feeling of privacy and can execute their tasks with higher effectiveness.

Are you looking for effective and simple way to ensure yourself and your employees the proper acoustic comfort?

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    Polish Company

    We are Polish company, who takes care of quality at every stage – from project preparation, through materials choice up to production and installation.

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    Team of Professionals

    Contrato consists of professionals. We take care of comfort and security of our Customers. We know how successfully combine functionality with design.

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    Non-standard Projects

    We are ready for challenges, so if you have not found an acoustic contractor yet – Contrato is waiting for you.

Acoustic Booths

Separate space assuring privacy and comfort of conducting phone calls and videoconferences without disturbing other co-workers. Technologically advanced solutions, like glass door becoming matt or full soundproofing enable users to make confidential talks without fear that any unauthorized person will possess the company’s or Client’s classified information.

Closed Acoustic Booths

High noise reduction ratio (-30dB)

Wide range of carcass’ finishing: laminate, lacquer, veneer, upholstery

– LED lighting and ventilation
– Electric socket + USB
– Upholstered seating support + shelf

Enlightened glass panel integrated with internal lighting

Tempered glass door (optionally: matt-on function)

Pull-out castors enabling movement of the booth

Customisation through high quality full colour printing at fabric or plate elements of the booth

Open Acoustic Booths

Self-standing or hanged

Optionally equipped with the shelf and electric socket

Wide choice of textile types & colours

Customisation through high quality full colour printing