Acoustic Panels

We deliver acoustic comfort wherever you need.


Our acoustic panels are made of top quality sound-absorbing materials. We provide proper acoustic conditions for every type of interiors: working spaces (especially open space areas and conference rooms), institutions, hotels and restaurants.


Do not resign of your plans and expectations! Let’s talk about them and be sure we can work out together the best possible acoustic solutions for your company.

Perfect Soundproofing

Wall and ceiling acoustic panels are the best way of providing proper acoustic conditions in offices, restaurants, shops and public spaces.

Our panels – your comfort!

Professionally chosen and installed acoustic panels provide the proper acoustic comfort in every type of space. You will forget about the annoying reverberation and noise. Combining competency of acoustic technicians and designers, we produce the solutions of friendly acoustics. We are acquainted with sounds, decibels and herz. Reverberation, sound absorbtion and clarity of voice. Obligatory and recommended norms.

Free-standing acoustic partition walls are the effective way of providing the comfort environment for your employees.

Acoustic walls reduce the reverberation time and absorb sounds in a wide frequency range. Thanks to our solutions everyone can focus on his or her own tasks without influencing other co-workers. That’s why more and more companies make decision to apply acoustic deskscreens in their offices.

Our engagement in preparation and execution of project assures full satisfaction of Contrato Customers.

We are perfectly aware, how the proper acoustics influences the motivation level and productivity of employees. We know how unwanted noise affects the well-being and health. We know the potential and possibilities of acoustic wall and ceiling panels. We successfully solve all the acoustic problems. Using our decorative acoustic panels we provide our Customers not only function, but also modern design.

Are you looking for effective and simple way to ensure yourself and your employees the proper acoustic comfort?

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    Polish Company

    We are Polish company, who takes care of quality at every stage – from project preparation, through materials choice up to production and installation.

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    Team of Professionals

    Contrato consists of professionals. We take care of comfort and security of our Customers. We know how successfully combine functionality with design.

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    Non-standard Projects

    We are ready for challenges, so if you have not found an acoustic contractor yet – Contrato is waiting for you.

Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Visually attractive hanging or ceiling panels efficiently absorb sound and reduce the noise. Due to their characteristics the ceiling – instead of magnifying the reverberation – reduces it. Installation of the light source into the panels enables additional illumination of workplace or meeting zone.


Hanging Panels (plafonds, baffles)

Light, durable construction

Wide range of shapes (square, rectangular, triangle, hexagonal, oval) and sizes (starting from 1000x500mm up to 2300x1150mm)

Wide choice of textile colours

Very high sound absorbtion ratio (αw at least 0,9)

Certified hangings

All applied materials stay in conformity with fire-retardant norms (class B, s1, d0)

Built-in light source in option

Customisation through high quality full colour printing


Ceiling Panels (built-in)

Light, durable construction

Dimensions adjusted to the most popular standard office ceilings

Wide choice of textile colours

Very high sound absorbtion ratio (αw at least 0,9)

All applied materials stay in conformity with fire-retardant norms (class B, s1, d0)

Customisation through high quality full colour printing

Wall Panels

Smart way of fixing the panels to every type of surface makes installation/uninstallation quick and easy, enabling to combine them in many visually interesting configurations.
Properly combined fabrics textures and colours vivify every space, enhancing its functionality and releasing the creative energy of people.


Acoustic Deskscreens & Partitions

Mobile, modular, self-standing walls enable the quick and efficient space dividing corresponding to the current users needs. They easily isolate the noisy office equipment, create the ad-hoc meeting area and ensure the employees can focus on their tasks.


Free-Standing Partition Walls

Durable construction

Solid, steel basis ensures stability and mobility of partition wall

Dimensions: 600x1200mm up to 1200x1800mm

Wide choice of textile types & colours

Possibility of joining the partition walls

Customisation through high quality full colour printing



Durable construction

Dimensions: 600x600mm up to 1800x800mm

Wide choice of textile types & colours

Attacheable to any type of desk

Possibility of pinning up the notes

Customisation through high quality full colour printing

Decorative Acoustic Panels

Divide effectively the office space, improving the acoustic comfort. Stainless steel cords attaching them to the floor and ceiling give the interior the luxury look and the sense of lightness to the panels. They neither disturb the air circulation, nor the light access.

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Durable construction

Wide choice of textile types & colours

Fixed with the adjustable stainless steel cords

Customisation through high quality full colour printing