Acoustic services

We deliver acoustic comfort wherever you need


Contrato guarantees the top quality level of its acoustic projects. Our designers are professionals perfectly aware of all aspects influencing the final product.


Our mission is to create the perfect conditions within your office, hotel, SPA or public area. Your satisfaction and comfort are the top priorities for us.


We know that acoustic project of a given space depends on its individual conditions. Our individual approach to every project guarantees you the tailor-made solutions fully reflecting your needs and expectations.

Acoustic Services

First step to success

Properly prepared project is the first step to successful creation of the good acoustic conditions. This is why we never underestimate this stage.

Trust the Professionals

Proper acoustic adjustment of space requires knowledge and experience. Our designers are practitioners and you can trust them.

Acoustic Services

Professional acoustic designs – selection and localisation of sound-absorbing products in the given space.

Measurements of reverberation time within office spaces according to ISO 3382-3:2012 norm.

Measurements and acoustic advice supporting BREEAM and LEED certification.

Acoustic studies, surveys and evaluations.

We are acquainted with sounds, decibels and herz.

Reverberation, sound absorbtion and clarity of voice. Obligatory and recommended norms.
We successfully combine competency of acoustic technicians and designers, creating the friendly acoustic solutions.

Tailor-made acoustic adjustment of office, public or retail spaces is our top priority.

This is why we always approach individually to every acoustic project. We start with interview with the Client, acoustic survey and technical conditions checking. Such approach enables us to prepare the best project, covering the optimum scope of works and materials choice for its successful execution.

Contrato delivers different types of acoustic services. Our goal is to provide acoustic comfort to all our Clients.

We know how proper acoustic conditions influence the work quality. Silence enhances the productivity and boosts your employees motivation. Trust the professionals and be sure you have made the best investment. Your employees will appreciate it very quickly.

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    Polish Company

    We are Polish company, who takes care of quality at every stage – from project preparation, through materials choice up to production and installation.

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    Team of Professionals

    Contrato consists of professionals. We take care of comfort and security of our Customers. We know how successfully combine functionality with design.

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    Non-standard Projects

    We are ready for challenges, so if you have not found an acoustic contractor yet – Contrato is waiting for you.

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